“There’s nothing more fulfilling than working with a client to turn their home into their sanctuary,” says Bambi A’Lynn Bratton. “And everyone’s vision is different, which provides me with endless opportunities to explore and be creative.” Bambi discusses concepts and needs with clients and then lets her imagination go. From starting with a clean slate and purchasing furniture, rugs, window coverings, and accessories to working with existing furniture and going through a home to determine what needs to go and what needs to be kept, Bambi uses her expertise to pull it all together.

New Construction / Remodeling

“The feel of a house begins with the hard finishes, which encompasses everything from plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, and molding to flooring, tile, fireplace design, and paint colors,” says Bambi A’Lynn Bratton. “A good design aesthetic begins with the basics, things many people might not notice right away but that exude a feeling of thoughtfulness.” Whether clients are remodeling a home or purchasing a new one, Bambi works with them so that their ideas and sense of home—from the appliances to the finish selections—become a reality.


Bambi A’Lynn Bratton understands the needs of her clients and provides them with suggestions and ideas to enhance their living environment. “A little direction and guidance can make all the difference,” she says. Using her keen eye and design smarts, Bambi consults with clients on everything from furniture arrangements and paint colors to window treatments and accessories. “I enjoy helping people realize their sense of style,” she says. “A few adjustments—sometimes something as simple as a new chair or a piece of artwork—can transform a space.”
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